The Next Few Weeks


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I’m typing this post in the final hour of sitting in the room I have lived in for the past four months. All my belongings have been packed away in boxes sitting on the floor just waiting to be moved to the truck for the short trip to Barrie.

Another school term is complete meaning only another 5 to go. 3 years from now, I hope to be sitting in front of my laptop writing a post with my Iron Ring snug on my pinky finger.

With the term over, here are  few things I am looking forward to in the coming weeks.

Trip to California

My bank account flush with tax-return cash, I have decided to take a short trip from April 24-30 to visit some friends currently on Co-op down in California. Although this trip is short, I hope to succeed being a tourist in such destinations as: Cupertino, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Diego, and San Francisco.

New Co-op Job

Although I do not plan on commenting much about employment on this website,  I will be starting a new job May 4 in Victoria. I never thought I would have been able to land a Co-op placement in Vic – especially in these “tough economic times”, but somehow I did.

Mowing the Lawn

This may seem odd; however, I can not wait to mow the law back in Victoria. I have not lived at my childhood house since August of 2006, thus have not had the chance to push a lawn mower across green space since. I find the mix of summertime, gasoline, and the smell of freshly cut grass very intriguing.

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